A Fortunate Coincidence

House build in 1898, L’Heureux Hasard is a jewel. Enjoy the warm hospitality of your host who takes great pleasure in pampering their guests, making them feel at home, with three comfortable bedrooms with plenty of character. As you enjoy the delicious breakfast and the comfortable-as-a-big-chair surroundings, you consider yourself fortunate that your journey includes a stay with Manon and Daniel. This is, indeed, a Fortunate Coincidence.

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  • Marie-Reine's room Chambre___marie-reine._thumb
  • Albert's room Chambre___albert_thumb
  • Éléonore's suite

    First bedroom with the queen size bed Hh__26___1600x1200__thumb
  • Éléonore's suite

    Second room in the Éléonore suite with the double size bed Chambre____l_onore__suite_thumb
  • A quiet place to read Coin_lucarne_thumb
  • Haut_de_l_escalier_thumb
  • Petit_coin_sous_l_escalier_thumb
  • Dining room Salle___manger_thumb
  • Living room Salon_thumb